Here are a few quick tips to get you started turning your anger into action.

1. Go National

Canadians can send letters (angry and otherwise) to members of parliament including the Prime Minister and all Cabinet Ministers free of charge at this address

[Name or title]
House of Commons
Ottawa ON K1A 0A6

It's a free service, which means your taxes pay for it. So why not make some use of it. The Prime Minister throws out abusive letters without reading them, just like I do. Be smart, be specific, be polite, but don't forget to be angry. The government works for you, and if you don't like what they're doing, it's your job to tell them so. Always c.c. your local MP, as this greatly increases your chances of a prompt reply. Get familiar with the Canada Gazette. The Canada Gazette contains all formal public notices, official appointments, calls for consultation, regulations, acts of Parliament, etc etc. It's how the government meets its obligation to consult the public. And most Canadians have never read it.

Americans can and should write to their Member of Congress. The House of Representatives has all kinds of information online, including addresses and lists of exactly how each member voted on each issue before the house. I bet you can find something in there that will get you angry.

2. Go Municipal

Pretty much nobody cares about local politics until their taxes go up or they get fined for failure to scoop their dog's crap. This means that by caring just a little bit, you can wield great influence. A few phone calls, letters and email are often enough to change a city councilor's mind. A former Mayor of Ottawa told me that he could get council to vote however he wanted just by asking friends around town to call in to their councilor's office. Have fun with this. Make the city do your bidding.

3. Go Corporate

Corporations want to make you happy. They can go out of business if you're not happy. They'll go to extraordinary lengths to make you happy. They spend millions of dollars figuring out how to make you happy. Do them a favour and tell them how to make you happy. Customers are expensive to acquire. Cellphone companies, for example, usually spend $300-400 on advertising for each new customer. That means it's cheaper for them to spend $200 making you happy than it is to replace you with a new customer. You have value. Corporations need you. Tell them how to keep you.

Executives want to shit on their underlings. Like the salmon swimming upstream, it's an irresistible force of nature. Executives were shit on every step of the way up the corporate ladder, and now that they're at the top, they've got a bowel full of nasty business that they're dying to power-dump all over the people below them. A complaint from you doesn't mean much to a guy at the bottom, unless it's handed to him from a guy at the top. And then it's pretty much a stone tablet from God. Always complain higher up than the person who made you angry. The higher the better.

The president of every corporation has a mailbox. You might not find it on the company website, but if their stock trades in the US, you can be darn sure that the Securities Exchange Commission has it. Use the SEC filings search to look up the most recent filings from companies trading in the US. Page one of each filing includes a mailing address for corporate headquarters. Companies trading on the TSX can be looked up on the TSX website where a corporate mailing address is included in each company profile.

4. Go Whoring
In today's modern economy, everyone has something to sell, even lowly street whores. But we're much more than lowly street whores, most of us at least. We're consumers. We're voters. We shouldn't be afraid to sell ourselves and let people know what the price is. I don't know about you, but I can certainly get more in exchange for my consumer spending habits and my vote than I could ever hope to get for selling my skinny white ass. Tell companies exactly what they have to do to buy your patronage. Tell candidates exactly what they have to do to get your vote. In the last municipal election, I advertised to all the mayoral candidates that I was selling my vote to whomever presented the most coherent plan for revitalising downtown. I didn't even feel dirty.

5. Go Nuts
Going nuts is a controversial topic among social activists. Some people advocate a calm, reasonable approach which slowly builds change through consensus. In a lot of cases, I can support that, and in some cases it works. But there are some things and some people so offensive that they absolutely deserve to be gone nuts upon. And I'll be fucked if I'm going to let them off the hook.

6. Go Editorial