Ski Masks

Mr. Michael Duke
President and CEO Wal-Mart Stores Division

Dear Mr. Duke,

I am writing to you on behalf of victims and potential victims of violent crime. I have a very simple, easily met request.

I don't know if you ever seen a skier wearing a ski mask. Very few people have. But too many of us have seen armed robbers wearing ski masks. Robber mask would actually be a more apt name for this piece of clothing.

While it cannot be said that ski masks, or robber masks are responsible for robberies, they have become synonymous with crime, and can be a very powerful and frightening image. Picture a loved one being approached by a stranger in a ski mask - it's terrifying. For victims of violent crime, even looking into a bin full of ski masks is terrifying.

I live in Ottawa, the coldest national capital in the world, where temperatures routinely reach 45 degrees Celsius below zero, and even here, ski masks are not worn for skiing or for protection from winter weather. They have few uses at all beyond disguising the identity of criminals.

I ask you to please implement a Wal-Mart policy of not offering ski masks for sale. They are not used for skiing, rarely used for protection from weather, and cannot possibly be a significant source of revenue for Wal-Mart. They are used in crime, are highly symbolic of violent crime, and can be terrifying images for victims. Banning ski masks from Wal-Mart would be one more way for your company to continue its support for communities.

I thank you for considering this small suggestion, and look forward to hearing from you.


Adam Scott,
The Last Angry Young Man